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New members

We dive all year round, which is fairly unusual in Ireland and the pictures and video on this site were all taken by club members on recent dives around the West.

There's also a great social aspect to the club. It's a great place to meet people and make new friends while sharing a common interest and connection.

The club provides all the heavy stuff - boats, trailers, compressors, etc and use of these is always free to members. You will need to provide all of your personal dive gear including wetsuit, regulator, BCD and bottles.

All training and diving with the club is covered by your annual membership fee. We don't charge for individual dives, boat trips, air fills, transport or anything like that. It's all-inclusive.

We run specialist courses for our qualified divers through the year on topics such as Nitrox diving, diver rescue and boat handling. We are affiliated with Diving Ireland (CFT) and all of our certification is issued by CMAS and recognised worldwide.

If you have any questions about us or our activities drop us a line using the Contact form on this website.

If you've never dived before

We take on a new trainee class in October each year and train them up to club diver standard (CMAS international standard D**, also called "diver two star" or D2, certified to ISO 24801-2 / EN 14153-2).

The course starts in the swimming pool and moves through a structured training programme that gradually builds your ability and confidence until you're ready to move on to scuba equipment and the sea. GSAC is affiliated to CFT and to CMAS one of the largest diving certification organisations in the world, which means that the diving qualifications you receive will be recognised at dive centres worldwide.

We run an Open Night for new members in early October every year and everyone is welcome. There's no obligation, it's just an information session. Watch this page for announcements or use the Contact form on this website to ask us to remind you when the next one is coming up.

At the Open Night we talk about the club, our diving, training and anything and everything else that comes up. It's a great opportunity to hear about how the club works and what we do. You'll see pictures of some of the places we dive and get to ask as many questions as you like. A good number of the existing members usually turn up as well and talking to them is a great way to find out what the club is really like :)

If you're a qualified diver

We take on qualified divers at any time during the year and we'll be able to use equivalency tables to transfer you in at an appropriate level if you have qualifications from any of the major training organisations e.g. CFT, CMAS, PADI, BSAC, SDI, SSI, TDI or any other mainstream system. As well as regular diving the club has an active training program for qualified divers and we regularly organise courses at all levels: beginner, diver first aid, rescue diver, boat handling (cox'n), nitrox, all the way through to internationally recognised dive instructor and examiner grades.

About the club

Diving with GSAC is a co-operative effort - nobody gets paid, everybody pitches in. So aside from the diving, you'll very quickly find yourself in the centre of things and people: filling your own bottles, launching and recovering boats and generally involved in all aspects of the club. We also organise weekends away through the year and you're always welcome.

We dive every Sunday all year round, plus Wednesday evenings from April to September. As a member you're always welcome on any dive - we have an automated system that sends notifications to your mobile phone or email in advance of each dive and you just reply "Y" if you want to attend. Simple as that. In the winter we dive on Sundays and have a pool session on Wednesday nights so that you can keep your fitness up, help with the training of new members, or just have fun.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in then drop us a line using the Contact form. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy diving and the club as much as we do.