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Dive Log - 2015

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
104 January 2015Annaghvaan4  
218 January 2015Annaghvaan   
324 January 2015Galway Bay  RNLI Exercise & Training Day
401 February 2015Carraroe   
508 February 2015New Quay   
615 February 2015Annaghvaan  Cancelled - No towers/low response
722 February 2015Carraroe   
801 March 2015Coral Beach  Cancelled - No takers
915 March 2015New Quay   
1022 March 2015Margaretta0  
1129 March 2015Coral Beach   
1205 April 2015Annaghvaan12 Strong current
1306 April 2015Carraroe3 Standard low tide dive. Entered the water and the beach in front of the pier. Headed directly out to the wreck. Loads of life on the wreck, one big conger at the stern. Plenty of wrasse and crabs about as well. Made our way back into the reef and took our time returning to the beach again. Sun was out for the cup of coffee on the pier.
1407 April 2015Fanore2 DOD Paul F
1511 April 2015Annaghvaan9 No incidents to report
1619 April 2015Killary Harbour   
1722 April 2015New Quay6 VERY strong current (Max dive was 15 mins).
1826 April 2015Annaghvaan8  
1903 May 2015Killary Harbour   
2006 May 2015Carraroe   
2109 May 2015Galway Bay  Rescue diver lifts
2210 May 2015Annaghvaan8 Terrible weather. Decent dive once in the water.
2316 May 2015Galway Bay  Rescue diver lifts
2417 May 2015Annaghvaan   
2520 May 2015Galway Bay  Wednesday Night boat idve
2623 May 2015Galway Bay  Rescue Diver Lifts
2724 May 2015Annaghvaan  2 Dive Day
2830 May 2015Carraroe2 DOD Ken
2907 June 2015Annaghvaan9 Dropped into Sound @ approx 10-15 metres. Direction of Travel West, Dept South, Wall North. Good current, variable speed. 35 minutes
3010 June 2015Carraroe5 Great dive with loads of life. Thornback Rays, Lobsters, Rockling, Wrasse, Crabs, etc were plentiful.  Viz was surprisingly good after the recent bad weather and the fine day made for a bright dive regardless of the late evening.  Both groups found the wreck.  Water is a toasty 14degrees, a 50 minute dive finished with no one complaining of the cold.  Pints were had in Sheridans on the way home as we waited for 5 minutes in Padraicins and no bar staff appeared.
3114 June 2015Doolin19 Lovely dive, plenty life
3221 June 2015Annaghvaan7 John and Orla 40M Training
John is back!
3323 June 2015New Quay9  
3428 June 2015Killary Harbour29 Poor viz, weak current, little life, congers lobsters ray.
3501 July 2015New Quay5 Very strong drift - boat clocked 3.5 knots in neutral. Stephen O'Grady lost mask overboard, so didn't dive, John Sheahan snorkeled instead.
3605 July 2015Killary Harbour6 Fine day in Killary, 6 divers, no issues or incidents, max depth and time 20M x 40min, 1 pair found the wreck.
3708 July 2015Carraroe3 DOD Michel
3812 July 2015Annaghvaan5 DOD Paula