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Dive Log - 2014

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
112 January 2014Annaghvaan4 Very cold - water 8 degrees, air 8 degrees. VIZ OK, current weak
219 January 2014Golam Head48CWe were unable to dive at Golam Head due to waves crashing in on dive site. Dived further back in the channel. Poor dive not much to see. Temp 8C
309 February 2014Coral Beach28CBad vis,finished dive early
416 February 2014Killary Harbour38CWater was cold. 7 degrees. Viz was poor, down to about 2/3 metres. Followed the reefs along, saw one decent lobster, plenty of squat lobster, crabs & starfish. Nice to be back in the water again after the recent storms.
516 February 2014Blackrock Diving Tower, Salthill48CFirst sea swimming session for the new trainees.
623 February 2014New Quay108CPoor viz, not a lot of life.
701 March 2014Blackrock78CLast snorkeling session for three of the trainees.
809 March 2014Carraroe168CFirst open water dive for some of this year's novices. Weather good, vis bad. Most dives were 15 mins or less. The beginners loved it nonetheless. Shay and Barry were snorkelling.
911 March 2014Galway Bay08CSearch for missing person in inner Galway Bay
1015 March 2014Galway Bay08CContinuation of previous search
1123 March 2014Carraroe88CFirst dive for a couple of the trainees. Viz was okay but a pleasant dive was had by all. The sun shined on us after the dive and it made for a pleasant cup of tea.
1227 March 2014Galway Bay08CContinuation of previous search
1330-Mar-14Trabane158CDived Trabane point with the new trainees.
1405 April 2014Killary Harbour178CTrainee weekend in Killary Harbour.
1505 April 2014Killary Harbour228CTrainee weekend in Killary Harbour.
1606 April 2014Killary Harbour188CBit more breeze than the previous day.
1706 April 2014Killary Harbour88CTrainee weekend in Killary Harbour.
1813 April 2014Annaghvaan129C 
1916 April 2014Black Rock119C First Weds boat dive. Choppy conditions to dive site. Thomas Dry Cox. Enjoyable first dive and good experience for all involved.
2020 April 2014Golam Head15 2 Dives.  Joe & Thomas did the second dive in Carraroe and we left the boat overnight in Trabane.
2121 April 2014Trabane9 Monday dive
2223 April 2014Galway Bay8  
2327 April 2014Annaghvaan15  
2430 April 2014Galway Bay7  
2503 May 2014The Stags, Broadhaven, MAYO19 Great Visability, Great dive location, easily accessed in calm weather. Good slip and site not far from shore. Dive the east side of The Stags 1. under the white patch of rock and 2. north of this in alcove with cave, Gully under the water, good location for 30m dive.
2604 May 2014Broadhaven Bay & The Stags11 1st stick was at the Stags (Includes the first 6 names) wind increased so choose to dive the mouth of the bay at Portacoly. Vis was good on both dives. Plenty of life. Two great dives according to buddy groups.
2711 May 2014Annaghvaan11 Originally planned for Killary but venue was changed late the night before based on weather forecasts of strong NW winds and also reports of very bad vis at Killary the previous day from NUIG on Facebook.

Annaghvaan is very sheltered from NW winds so was grand, just wet and miserable. All divers reported a band of very bad vis between 7m and 15m, most likely plankton. Above and below that was OK.
2814 May 2014Galway Bay8  
2918 May 2014Annaghvaan15 Very strong Eddie Currents, groups were getting pulled in different directions
3025 May 2014Carraroe12 Great vis
3128 May 2014Galway Bay10  
3208 June 2014Annaghvaan10  
3315 June 2014Killary Harbour8  
3418 June 2014Galway Bay   
3522 June 2014Golam Head  2 boat dives
3625 June 2014Carraroe4  
3729 June 2014Killary Harbour  2 boat dives
3802 July 2014Menlo   
3907 July 2014Annaghvaan21 No current dive, lots of live, good viz. Very enjoyable
4009 July 2014Carraroe   
4113 July 2014Doolin9 Lovely dive, lots of life. Enjoyed by all
4214 July 2014Doolin27 Teaming with Life, great colours.
4316 July 2014Menlo  Cancelled - No interest
4423 July 2014Carraroe   
4527 July 2014Doolin   
4630 July 2014Carraroe   
4701 August 2014Trabane4 Misty when we arrived but cleared up after a while. Ended up being a very late start with the traffic from the Races so we just went around to Bother Bui, divers in the water at 5:50pm. Left the boat overnight at Trá Bán for further diving over the weekend.
4802 August 2014Trabane  Dived Golam Head & Carraroe
4903 August 2014Trabane  Dived Brocklain Banks & Carraroe
5006 August 2014Carraroe   
5110 August 2014Annaghvaan   
5213 August 2014Menlo   
5317 August 2014Killary Harbour4 Cian doing an away DOD for his leading diver. Needed to log a 35m dive which he did with Nicolas.
5424 August 2014Menlo  Cancelled - No Interest
5531 August 2014Killary Harbour  2 boat dives
5603 September 2014Galway Bay   
5706 September 2014Trabane   
5807 September 2014Trabane   
5910 September 2014Galway Bay   
6014 September 2014Carraroe   
6117 September 2014Galway Bay   
6221 September 2014Annaghvaan   
6328 September 2014Killary Harbour   
6405 October 2014Killary Harbour10 Lovely dive, water still relativly warm, lots of life including dogfish.wrasse pollock, scallops, lobsters, squat lobsters, shrimp, conger eels....
6512 October 2014Fanore   
6602 November 2014Annaghvaan6  
6709 November 2014Annaghvaan12 Grey Rock, Two sticks. First stick dropped @ 14:50, returned to shore. Picked up second stick. As the second stick entered water, the three groups surfaced. Picked up first stick, returned to shore. Returned to pick up final group.
6816 November 2014Annaghvaan2  
6923 November 2014Trabane7 Original Plan was to dive Camus but due to a very low tide and repairs to the slip this was not an option. We moved to Trabane and dived Brocklyn Banks near Inishmore. Enjoyable trip out by boat but reports from the dive said there was a strong current and poor visibility.
7030 November 2014Annaghvaan8 Beautiful calm sea, little current, good vis, small fish life
Coxn training done with Shane and Tomas
7107 December 2014coral beach3 Due to weather conditions, a short shore dive was done. The vis got a bit better during the dive but still remain low. No particular event took place.
7228 December 2014Annaghvaan2  
7331 December 2014New Quay3 Drift