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Dive Log - 2013

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
106 January 2013New Quay8-Dived after the tide had turned.  Had to fight strong current upstream.  Not a lot of life, few small crabs.
212 January 2013Carraroe4- Due to the Dod not feeling well and therfore not diving, , I can't comment on dive.
320 January 2013New Quay12-Good Viz, max depth 8Ms, saw 3 medium sized lobster. Water Temp 8C.
427 January 2013Carraroe3-Aborted after about 5 mins, zero vis.
503 February 2013Carraroe6-Simple shore dive
610 February 2013Annaghvaan8-Only lasted a couple of metres, couple of minutes. Bad vis and strong current meant the groups couldn't stay together so they aborted and surfaced.
717 February 2013Annaghvaan6- 
824 February 2013Carraroe4-Nice dive, stuck as a loose four out to the wreck.  It's well battered now, not much of it left.  Reefs were full of the smaller varieties of life.
903 March 2013Annaghvaan9-Nothing to report, fish life was non existant
1010 March 2013Trabane8-Arrived in Trabane to diccover it was too rough to dive.  Retreated to Annaghvaan where the tide was too low to launch.  Decide to give up and return to Padricians instead of waiting in the bitter cold wind for the tide to rise.
1115 March 2013Corrib4- 
1218 March 2013Trabane10-Well the original plan for today was Camus but the day was so nice we said the hell with that and went for English Rock instead, out from Trá Bán. And a great idea it was. Flat calm, great vis, could see the surface from 15m. The club used to dive it a good bit in the past and we've been threatening to get back there for the past year but needed the right day. 20m max, nice fissures and crevices, 7C. Not that much fish life, but it's early in the year yet. Shoals of sprat, lots of spider crabs, couple of brown wrasse here and there, and one solitary crayfish out for a walk in the sunshine.
1324 March 2013Carraroe12-Trainees first open water dive.  Great viz made for a nice dive.  Very cold afterwards due to a bitter east wind.  Shay McHale & Thomas Moore did shore marshal.
1431 March 2013Carraroe10-Poor viz compared to last week.  Not much to report from the dive.  Again the bitter east wind made life miserable after the dive.
1507 April 2013Doolin10-Water was flat calm on arrival but the swell built up while we were getting ready, as did the wind. We decided not to proceed with the initial plan of the usual route  (Enter at the end of the field and do the dive keeping the shoreline on the left) but entered the water on the beach where we were parked up, head out and find the reef and the exit point was the same as the entry point. A lot of traffic on the water (Both ferries and RIBs) so a warning was given about where to surface. The vis. on the dive itself wasn't good (Thought it would be) and there was a serious amount of kelp, not much life (Well if there was we didn't see it because of the kelp!). each group dived for close to 30 mins.

Not even Maggie Thatcher would have enjoyed this one, but hopefully next time the conditions will be better.
1613 April 2013Killary Harbour21-Wind blowing from NE, waves blowing over the slip. Not suitable to launch boats. Viz good. 
1721 April 2013Annaghvaan16-Usual Gurraig Sound Dive
1824 April 2013Coral Beach 9-Good viz, some life, lobster crab etc. 
1928 April 2013Trabane14-Tried to go to Golam Head but it was too rough.  Retreated to English Rock where we had a nice dive.
2001 May 2013Galway Bay11-Crap dive on the Black Rock unless you like kelp
2104 May 2013Smerwick Harbour13-Large plankton bloom in the water.  A swell on the outside of the head meant we had to look for shelter inside.  Dive was okay, nothing to write home about.
2205 May 2013Smerwick Harbour10-Large swell meant we couldn't launch the boat.  Retreated instead to Brandon Creek.  There was a swell in the harbour which may for a poor dive.
2315-May-13Galway Bay6-Nice dive, Conger, Lobster, Large Crab
2419-May-13Trabane22-Current was strong in places, visibility was ok. Fish life relatively quiet.
2522-May-13Galway Bay8-Nice dive. Reef at 12 metres, lobsters, congors & pollock seen.
2626-May-13Killary Harbour20- 
2729-May-13Carraroe3- Conditions were ideal, no current, max 7M depth and good viz
2902-Jun-13Portmagee27-everyone had a good dive. nice break on skellig michael. Dived off the heli pad.
3105-Jun-13Galway Bay5-Great dive. Fantastic Viz with loads of fish life. Very bright under the water considering the time of the evening.
3208-Jun-13Trabane18-Great dive
3309-Jun-13Aran Islands24-Excellent fish life, large Tope spotted, along with Ling, and plentiful crayfish & lobsters. Very Good viz.
3519-Jun-13Menlo5-Freshwater dive, good viz, some fish life.
3623-Jun-13Carraroe3-Spring Low Tide, strong breeze, bad viz. We dived as a group of 3. The main aim was to get Sarah dived up. She had excellent buoyancy, good air etc during the 20 min dive.
3726-Jun-13Galway Bay8- 
3830-Jun-13Carraroe4-Both groups dived together however the second group got separated half way through the dive. No issues everyone happy with dive. Plenty of dog fish and some lobster.
3907-Jul-13Killary Harbour15-Went and looked at the north side of Turk, where we dived last year, but too rough for the mix of divers we had. Came back around to the other side of the island, approx which was flat calm and dived there instead.
4010-Jul-13Galway Bay15-Dived Fanore Point due to a mix up in fueling Joe Fada. Started shallow and looked disappointing. Plenty of large compass jellyfish. Found a nice reef in around 13 metres, loads of lobster, spider crabs, a couple of congors and plenty of big pollock on the reef.
4113-Jul-13Kilkee37-Murragha Reef: Reef runs north-south. Drop divers at the north end and have them swim south along the wall. Max depth is 28m. at southern end at 16m there is a large cave that has a chimney to the surface inside. Beyond the chimney is a large room that loads of divers can fill into.

Excellent Dive, great Viz, loads of life
4214-Jul-13Kilkee30-Murragh Reef
4317-Jul-13Galway Bay11-Usual dive on Blackrock Reef. Not a lot of life. A couple of lobsters, spider crabs and small fish. Met a cruise ship & navy on the way out.
4421-Jul-13Aran Islands16- 
4524-Jul-13New Quay2-The lads did the usual dive in New Quay. Turned out to be a long one, over the hour. Reports of plenty to be seen.
4628-Jul-13Trabane18-Great dive on the finger. Tonnes of life - Crays, Lobster, Pollock, Wrasse.
4731-Jul-13Golam Head2- 
4803-Aug-13Annaghvaan11-The usual drift dive along the face of the island on an ingoing tide. Two sticks - all but Connor & Shane as stick 1, those two as stick 2.
4904-Aug-13Annaghvaan10-An Glasan was on the mooring but engine tilt was broken i.e. we couldn't get the engine down into the water, so we did a shore dive instead. Walked across the rocks east of the pier, then finned north towards Yellow Rock. After the dive one of the locals gave us a tow to retrieve An Glasan onto the trailer.
5005-Aug-13Carraroe6-Typical Coral Beach dive. Exceptional vis even for there. Chris had his first dry suit dive, got on very well, no bother to him.
5111-Aug-13Annaghvaan24-Ususal Black Hole dive. Currents were all over the place with localised eddies.
5214-Aug-13Galway Bay8-Not a great dive. One lobster spotted.
5318-Aug-13Annaghvaan15-Nice dive. Dark at depth. Water very warm at 16 degrees. Not a huge amount of life.
5424-Aug-13Killary Harbour25-Start of the Back to basics weekend. Tried to make it out to the Carraiggaddies but retreated to Inisbearna. Nice dive, all the usual suspects.
5525-Aug-13Killary Harbour17-Nice dive on the Julia T. Plenty of life.
5628-Aug-13Galway Bay7-Choppy conditions out to Blackrock, dive was about 30 mins for each group. Water temp still warm (16), lots of life down below. Enjoyable dive
5701-Sep-13Galway Bay4-Original plan for Annaghvaan had to be changed due to lack of tower. Plan was to do Black Rock but the bay was way to rough. Divers wanted to dive so we found some shelter at Renvyle Point. A crap dive was had by all and we vowed never to return. Conditions were very difficult for boat handling.
5907-Sep-13Carraroe4-Dived on the Saturday instead of the Sunday to to 50th party celebrations
6011-Sep-13Galway Bay6-First night dive of the year. Not a lot of life. Viz was good considering the recent weather.
6115-Sep-13New Quay8-Drift dive
6218-Sep-13Galway Bay6-Night Dive, preparing club diver candidates for club diver exam (leading the dive etc)
6325-Sep-13Galway Bay7-A nice night dive. Started further west than usual and it paid off. Rockier bottom than that beside the pole. One Lobster and one pipe fish spotted.
6429-Sep-13Trabane12-Great dive on the Brocklan Banks. Viz was fantastic. A few Crayfish were spotted along with the usual pollock & wrasse.
6502-Oct-13Galway Bay4-Lovely dive on the Black rock. Plenty of lobsters & Congers.
6606-Oct-13Carraroe7-Lovely dive on the reefs & wreck. Water is still a toasty 16degrees. Life everywhere you looked. Lobsters, congers, fish, crab, prawns, etc. Timed it perfect with the tides. Outgoing tide brought us out to the wreck and the incoming tide brought us home. Joe had a nice walk.
6820-Oct-13Annaghvaan13-Nice dive. Tomasz ripped his wrist seal on the boat. Francis became known as zippy.
7210-Nov-13Annaghvaan5-Nice drift dive. Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
7317-Nov-13Carraroe6-Poor dive. Viz let us down. Not a lot to see. Nicolas needs a compass.
7424-Nov-13Annaghvaan9-Nothing to report
7501-Dec-13Golam Head9-Nice dive with good viz. Fish life was good. Launched the boat at Golam Head, which gave us a short spin around to the dive site. Came across a small flaw with the location when the tide left us stranded on the pier.