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Dive Log - 2012

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
102 January 2012Carraroe4----
208 January 2012Annaghvaan14----
315 January 2012Killary2----
422 January 2012Carraroe2----
529 January 2012Annaghvaan4----
605 February 2012New Slip Docks8----
712 February 2012Killary7----
819 February 2012Cong7----
926 February 2012Carraroe17----
1004 March 2012Carraroe12----
1111 March 2012Carraroe19----
1218 March 2012New Quay16----
1319 March 2012Lobster House11----
1425 March 2012New Slip Docks23----
1531 March 2012Killary27----
1608 April 2012Carraroe7----
1715 April 2012Doolin19----
1822 April 2012Killary6----
1925 April 2012Menlo7----
2029 April 2012New Slip Docks14----
2102 May 2012Killala12-May Bank Holiday
2209 May 2012Fanore2----
2313 May 2012Annaghvaan20----
2416 May 2012Carraroe6----
2520 May 2012Aran14----
2623 May 2012New Slip Docks11----
2727 May 2012Doolin10----
2830 May 2012Carraroe2----
2901 June 2012Portmagee30-June Bank Holiday
3006 June 2012Carraroe2----
3110 June 2012Trabane12----
3213 June 2012New Slip Docks11----
3317 June 2012Trabane14----
3420 June 2012Lobster House9----
3524 June 2012Cleggan12----
3627 June 2012Menlo2----
3704 July 2012Carraroe2----
3808 July 2012New Slip Docks3----
3911 July 2012New Slip Docks8----
4015 July 2012Annaghvaan7----
4118 July 2012Carraroe2----
4221 July 2012Killary3----
4322 July 2012Killary3----
4425 July 2012Lobster House2----
4529 July 2012Annaghvaan6----
4601 August 2012Carraroe7----
4703 August 2012Aran4----
4804 August 2012Aran2----
4905 August 2012Aran8----
5006 August 2012Aran5----
5108 August 2012Annaghvaan8----
5212 August 2012Kilkee10----
5319 August 2012Trabane16----
5422 August 2012Menlo5----
5502 September 2012Carraroe5----
5605 September 2012Menlo3----
5709 September 2012Salt Lake7----
5816 September 2012Annaghvaan9----
5919 September 2012New Slip Docks10----
6023 September 2012Carraroe6-Fine dive, water 12 degrees. Excellent vis.  Each group had about a 40 min dive with a max depth of just over 7m.
6126 September 2012Lobster House2-1-2 m thick kelp, saw some large shrimp, prawn and lobster, easy entry and exit along pipe line.
6230 September 2012Carraroe5----
6303 October 2012Lobster House2----
6406 October 2012New Slip Docks7  
6507 October 2012Annaghvaan5-Weather was fresh and dry.  Not too cold.  The intention was to have 2 dives.  
6614 October 2012Carraroe4----
 21 October 2012Killybegs12-Lap of luxury weekend
6728 October 2012Carraroe8-Coral Strand was chosen due to the inclement weather.  Although windy in the elevated carpark, down at the strand it was relatively sheltered. Divers reported excellent visability.
6804 November 2012Killary11-Water very cold on the surface.  Dive was good, viz was better at depth.
6911 November 2012Annaghvaan9-Drift dive ont he sound, tide filling. Strong current at start, and end of dive.  Very good viz.  All groups reported excellent dive.  Pretty abundant fish life, particlularly very small fish.  Spotted a large conger eel out in the open!
7018 November 2012Carraroe5-Turned out to be a bit below average of a dive, I've had much better days there.
7125 November 2012Annaghvaan7----
7202 December 2012Carraroe6----
7309 December 2012Annaghvaan6-Bit misty with light breeze. Vis was good but little light passed 20M. Water was cold at 6-7'C most got 30min dive in with nice light current to follow.
7416 December 2012Carraroe4----
7523 December 2012Annaghvaan6----
7630 December 2012Carraroe5-Very poor viz due to strong winds during the week.  John & Michael found the wreck, reported to have decayed a lot over the winter.