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Dive Log - 2010

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
103 January 2010Carraroe64CAir temp -5C, average water temp 6C, 4C recorded mid way through dive. Viz good.
210 January 2010Carraroe86CShore dive at Ceibh An Dóilín
317 January 2010Margaretta Buoy126CLaunched Joe Fada from new slip at Docks. Bad viz (12 inches), not much to see.
424 January 2010Fanore9-Planned dive at Ballyrian was cancelled due to excessive swell!
531 January 2010Carraroe55CDive at Ceibh An Dóilín just before low water.
607 February 2010Annaghvaaan104CDid two runs to Grey Rk using 'Bád Thánaí..
714 February 2010Annaghvaan134CCold. crisp day, dived at Grey Rk, Good viz, not much life.
821 February 2010Annaghvaan104C---
928 February 2010Annaghvaan134CExcepionally large tidal range
1007 March 2010Annaghvaan155C---
1114 March 2010Annaghvaan25C---
1221 March 2010Annaghvaan175CThe original plan was to use both the Lanesborough Lass (which was in the water at Annaghvaan already) plus the shallow hull rib An Bád Thanaí which Martin towed out to the dive site. However when we got there we found the slip was covered with seaweed bails so were unable to launch the 2nd boat.
1328 March 2010Annaghvaan176CSame as last week - The original plan was to use both the Lanesborough Lass (which was in the water at Annaghvaan already) plus the shallow hull rib An Bád Thanaí which Martin towed out to the dive site. However when we got there we found the slip was covered with seaweed bails so were unable to launch the 2nd boat. We were eventually able to launch the boat in time for the third group of divers around three o’clock.
1404 April 2010Carraroe10----
1507 April 2010Carraoe8-First Wednesday dive of 2010. Also final run through for our D2 candidates before the tests on Saturday.
1611 April 2010Annaghvaan15----
1714 April 2010Carraroe4----
1818 April 2010Killary12-Launched and recovered boat at cruise boat slip, picked up divers at Rosroe. Not a great dive, kelp and more kelp. On the way back we took a trip over to the Julia T and marked its location in the new GPS unit for future reference.
1924 April 2010Killary11-Launched and recovered boat at cruise boat slip, picked up divers at Rosroe.
2025 April 2010Killary16-Launched and recovered boat at cruise boat slip, picked up divers at Rosroe.
2109 May 2010Aran Islands33----
2212 May 2010Carraroe2----
2316 May 2010Annaghvaan23-This was the first Nitrox dive for 4 candidates from our recent Nitrox course.
2423 May 2010Kilkee28----
2526 May 2010Carraroe2----
2630 May 2010Aran Islands8-Didn't have the key for the slip so had to drive around and launch at An Sruthán instead. There was no problem launching the boat there, but parking is very limited so not suitable for a bigger group (unless the main body of the group stayed on the Ros A Mhíl side and we drove the boat across). Worth keeping in mind for the future.
2707 June 2010Annaghvaan6-The rest of the club was down in Portmagee for the bank holiday weekend.
2813 June 2010Illaunloo, Ballyvaughan9-Original plan to dive Doolin was stood down due for Force 7 winds. Plan B was Illaunloo outside Ballyvaughan.
2916 June 2010Carraroe2----
3020 June 2010Killary harbour10----
3123 June 2010Carraroe2----
3227 June 2010Aran Islands6-Fairly bumpy ride on the way out but the weather picked up over course of the day. Vis not great, too much swell.
3330 June 2010Carraroe2----
3404 July 2010Annaghvaan10-Our thanks to Gemma as shore marshal and Maura as dry cox.
3507 July 2010Carraroe2----
3611 July 2010Doolin2----
3717 July 2010Carraroe2----
3825 July 2010Aran Islands6-Two great dives, especially the second where we were followed by a seal and experienced dramatic changes in temperature as we went along.  Left the boat moored in Ros A Mhíl afterwards, in preparation for Aran week.
3926 July 2010Aran Islands2----
4027 July 2010Aran Islands2----
4128 July 2010Aran Islands2----
4229 July 2010Aran Islands6-Aran week continues. Today's was a dive site we don't visit much because it needs perfect conditions, which we had.
4301 August 2010Aran Islands4----
4404 August 2010Carraroe2----
4508 August 2010Killary Harbour10-Dived the Julia T and Inis Bearna
4611 August 2010Carraroe6-Very high tide, +5.0m, only a couple of inches below the surface of the pier. Current in mid channel was surprisingly strong considering we were in the water so soon after high tide.
4715 August 2010Slyne Head9-Great day out.  Had lunch on the Island and visited the lighthouse.
4818 August 2010Carraroe5-This wasn't so much a dive as an open water training session to finish out the exercises required for the D* cert and also as a refresher on those exercises for people thinking about doing the D** test later this year.  So mask clearing, mouthpiece clearing, drop and recover mouthpiece, use of alternate air source, buddy breathing, SMB deployment, submerge with mask in hand & fit underwater, towing.
4922 August 2010Aran Islands10-Bit of a bumpy trip out, but the wind decreased all day and was much smoother on the way home. Stopped off at Kilmurvy pier for lunch. The two dry coxes were great and meant we were back in Ros A Mhíl by 5pm having done two dives.  We started the Brocklan Banks dive exactly at waypoint 006 on the Glasán GPS unit, which put us exactly on the wall. Proceeded NW from there (i.e. keeping the wall on our left) and the dive improved all the way. The concensus afterwards was that 006 seems to mark the southeast end of the wall and it would be good to mark the other end sometime, for days when the tide is coming in and it would be easier to start from the NW and go with the current.
5025 August 2010Carraroe6-Current wasn't as strong as we would have expected given where in the tide cycle we were. Not that we're complaining. Halfway through the dive the two groups met up at the cluster of rocks to the northeast of the pier and spent a good bit of time there. Saw Brian's big lobster, which appears to live over there, but also two large, blue rounded fish we weren't able to identify. Looked them up later and are fairly convinced they were trigger fish.
5129 August 2010Annaghvaan7----
5201 September 2010Carraroe2----
5305 September 2010Annaghvaan5-No incidents to report. Dived Grey Rock to Gurraig Sound. Great dive - loads of wrasse and pollock.  Got Gemma to lead and put Connor with Shay to get them both a bit of experience.
5408 September 2010Carraroe2----
5512 September 2010Inis boffin8-Weather not the best so we only had the one dive.  Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
5619 September 2010Annaghvaan10-One of Connor's expensive fins went over the side of the boat near Grey Rock.  Probably history, with the currents around here.
5726 September 2010Annaghvaan11-Got everyone to spend some time at the start of their dive looking for Connor's expensive fin, which went over the side of the boat here last week. No joy - current was too strong for an effective search.
5802 October 2010Killary Harbour7-Stayed overnight in Westport, diving here again tomorrow.
5903 October 2010Killary Harbour8-Joe Fada - problem with Starting. Think it's a starter motor engagement issue. Boat stranded in Killary fjord after refuel. Finned to shore with rope and retrieved to slip. EO's have been informed.
6010 October 2010Annaghvaan8-Primary purpose today was a run through for our club diver candidates. Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
6117 October 2010Annaghvaan11-Nothing out of the ordinary to report. The Lanesborough Lass was recovered for the winter and towed into Galway by Paul Dolan and Thomas Moore.
6224 October 2010Killary2----
6331 October 2010Killary2----
6407 November 2010Carraroe2----
6514 November 2010Annaghvaan2----
6621 November 2010Annaghvaan2----
6728 November 2010Margaretta Buoy2----
6805 December 2010Carraroe2----
6912 December 2010Annaghvaan6----
7019 December 2010New Slip, Docks9----
7129 December 2010Killary7----