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Dive Log - 2009

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
104 January 2009Annaghvaan95CGrey Rk. Excellent viz  (20m+) all the way down. Very cold.
211 January 2009Carraroe28CSW Gales, heavy rain,  zero viz, should have stayed in bed!
318 January 2009Carraroe27CBad storms previous night, viz 6ins. Can only get better.
425 January 2009Carraroe47CShore dive at Ceibh an Doilin.
501 February 2009Annaghvaan147CDived near Grey Rk. Viz 3/4M. Water cold.
608 February 2009Annaghvaan77CUsed small rib to dive Inistreabhair.
715 February 2009Annaghvaan137CDived in hole near Inisdonn. Good viz, not much life.
822 February 2009Annaghvaan87CDived at grey rk from shallow hull rib.
901 March 2009Carraroe57CWindy day. Viz 4/5M
1008 March 2009Annaghvaan68CDived at Inistreabhair at high tide. Used shallow hull rib.
1115 March 2009Carraroe78CVery nice dive at low tide. Viz 7M. Nice clear day.
1222 March 2009Annaghvaan148CUsed XS650 at Inistreabhair. Club diver tests dne.
1325 March 2009Carraroe89CLow tide at Ceibh an Doilin
1429 March 2009Carraroe69CVery nice dive, Viz 8M
1501 April 2009Carraroe89CNice sunny evening, viz dissappointing. (2/3M)
1604 April 2009Killary Hbr109CTrainee outing, 2 dives.
1705 April 2009Annaghvaan58CUsed shallow hull at Inistreabhair.
1806 April 2009Carraroe79CShore dive at Deep End
1908 April 2009Carraroe39CUsual shore dive.
2012 April 2009Annaghvaan109CDived at Inistreabhair
2115 April 2009Carraroe59CShore dive from Ceibh an Doilin.
2219 April 2009Aran Islands158C2 dives, bPoll nabPeist and Glassaun Rk.
2322 April 2009Carraroe79CDeep End, Ceibh an Doilin.
2426 April 2009Carraroe610CWednesday evening dive.
2529 April 2009Carraroe312CDeep End, Wreck dive.
2606 May 2009Carraroe313CShore dive at Ceibh an Doilin.
2710 May 2009Doolin, Finnish Rk1013CTwo dives at Finnish Rk, Inisheer
2813 May 2009Carraroe614CExcellent. Fanore would have been possible but no club interest
2917 May 2009Annaghvaan1214CVery wet, slight wind, sea relatively calm
3020 May 2009Carraroe2----
3124 May 2009Kilcummin Hd315CClub diver tests with Grainne Uaile SAC
3225 May 2009Galway Bay2-Volvo Ocean Race - Galway stopover  click here
3303 June 2009Fanore2----
3408 June 2009New Slip, Docks2----
3510 June 2009New Quay815CHigh tide at Aughinish (Newquay)
3614 June 2009Doolin, Finnish Rk.1414CTwo dives at Finnish Rk, Inisheer.
3717 June 2009Carraroe1215CCeibh An Doilin, Low Water
3821 June 2009Kilkee1214CFirst dive Middle Rk, second at Fanore.
3928 June 2009Aran2----
4001 July 2009Carraroe715CDived at Low Water.
4105 July 2009Aran613CTwo dives, Priory North and Brocklan Mor
4208 July 2009Carraroe713CUsual Carraroe dive.
4312 July 2009Achill Island1312CClub weekend trip to Achill    Click Here
4413 July 2009Aran413CS&R dive at Inisheer Harbour. Nothing found.
4515 July 2009Carraroe614CShore dive at Ceibh an Doilin.
4619 July 2009Annaghvaan1015CTwo dives, Grey Rk and Gurraig Sd.
4722 July 2009Carraroe515CDeep End, Just after high water
4826 July 2009Annaghvaan915CUsed 'Bád Thanaí' for 2 dives on Inistreabhair
4929 July 2009Aran2----
5030 July 2009Aran612CGreat diving at Brocklán Beag and Finnish Rk. (Joe Fada)
5102 August 2009Annaghvaan514CTwo dives, Grey Rk and Gurraig Sd. (Bád Thanaí)
5205 August 2009Carraroe314CShore dive at Ceibh an Doilín
5309 August 2009Aran1212CTwo dives, Finnish Rk and Glassaun Rk.
5412 August 2009Carraroe612CWreck dive at Deep End.
5516 August 2009Camus1013C2 dives using Bád Thánaí.
5619 August 2009Carraroe312CShore dive at Ceibh an Doilin.
5723 August 2009Annaghvaan1114CGurraid Sound and Grey Rock.
5826 August 2009Carraroe413CUsual Carraroe dive
5930 August 2009Annaghvaan1013CTwo dives at Inistreabhair
6002 September 2009Carraroe612CDeep End.
6106 September 2009Annaghvaan1013CUsed shallow hull (Bád Thánaí) at Inistreabhair.
6209 September 2009Carraroe2----
6313 September 2009Aran Islands1010CGlassaun Rk, Inismore and Finnish Rock, Inisheer.
6416 September 2009Fanore211CShore dive, Ballyreen.
6520 September 2009Aran Islands812CGlassaun Rock, Inishmore.
6627 September 2009Aran Islands711CIst dive Brocklan Beag, 2nd dive Glassaun Rk.
6704 October 2009Annaghvaan812CIstdive grey rk, 2nd drift dive in Gurraig Sd.
6811 October 2009Annaghvaan312CJust 1 pair of divers + cox. Grey Rk.
6918 October 2009Aran Islands1410CIstdive glassaun rk, 2nd at craghalaun rk.
7025 October 2009Annaghvaan2----
7101 November 2009Annaghvaan511CIst dive Grey rk, 2nd Gurraig Sd.
7208 November 2009Annaghvaan1211CClub diver & coxn test. Both cands. passed.
7315 November 2009Carraroe511CNo incidents to report. The water temp was 11°C at a max depth of 13.5m
7430 November 2009Inistreabhair87CGrey Rk. Surface water temp 7°C - fresh water on surface after all the rain.
7506 December 2009Killary Harbour49CShore dive at Rossroe Pier
7613 December 2009Fanore810CDived at Ballyrian on rising tide, F3 east wind.
7720 December 2009Carraroe68CShore dive at Ceibh an Doilin
7827 December 2009Carraroe76CSurface water 6°C, deeper 7°C; big halocline at about 3m.