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Dive Log - 2008

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
119 January 2008Loughrea Lake24CBarry & Pat, viz 8M
220 January 2008Carraroe - Deep End26CMartin Tyndall in a dry suit! Viz 1-2M
326 January 2008Carraroe26CSaturday dive, viz 1/2M
427 January 2008Carraroe35CViz ~2M
510 February 2008Margeretta Shoal68CBoat launched at Renvyle, little current, not much else.
616 February 2008New Quay45CNice sunny day, viz ~10M Lots of life inc lobster etc.
717 February 2008Annaghvaan107CDived between Inisdonn and Grey Rk, good viz, very few fish, cold.
823 February 2008Blackrock118CFirst open water training sessinon for 2008. Click for  photos
924 February 2008Annaghvaan157CUsed new boat at Inistreabhair
1027 February 2008Carraroe28C2-3M viz at low slack water.
1102 March 2008Eglington Canal187CS&R operation with Lough Ree SAC. photo
1209 March 2008Carraroe48CShore dive at Ceibh an Doilin
1316 March 2008Annaghvaan127CDived near Grey Rk. from Humber 6.3 Clear day, viz~4M
1417 March 2008New Quay58CViz 6M, Lobsters, crabs in abundance.
1518 March 2008New Quay27CSunny crisp day, viz ~7M, plenty of crustaceans.
1623 March 2008Annaghvaan87CTwo dives, before and after low tide
1729 March 2008Corrib River109CS&R course, rope and intercom work. click for photos
1830 March 2008Knockferry109CS&R course, rope and intercom work.
1902 April 2008Carraroe88CFirst midweek dive of the year.
2006 April 2008Annaghvaan138CDived Grey Rk. with Humber 6.3
2109 April 2008Carraroe178CRising tide, viz 4M.
2213 April 2008Annaghvaan128CSunny day, 2 dives, gurraig sd. and Grey Rk.
2316 April 2008Carraroe288CCar parking tight, dived on ebbing tide.
2420 April 2008Annaghvaan148CCold east wind, 2 dives. good viz, water a bit 'green'.
2523 April 2008Carraroe138CDived at high tide, viz 2 - 4M, 
2626 April 2008Killary Harbour189CTwo dives, Inisbearna and North Shore 
2727 April 2008Carraroe129CDeep End, viz good, plenty of life.
2830 April 2008Carraroe1410CVery nice dive. . Plenty of lobster + a big conger.
2902 May 2008St John's Pt219-10CBank Holiday Weekend. click here for mini report
3007 May 2008Carraroe1210CHigh pring tide.
3111 May 2008Aran Islands810cTwo excellent dives.
3214 May 2008Annaghvaan1212CLaunched 'The Lass' and dived Gurraig Sd.
3318 May 2008Annaghvaan1712CTwo dives at Inistreabhair
3421 May 2008Carraroe1312CDived just before low water.
3525 May 2008Annaghvaan1612CDived  Grey Rk and Gurraig Sd.
3628 May 2008Carraroe912CSmall numbers,  dived at high water 
3730 May 2008Valentia Is./ Skelligs2512CJune B/H Weekend click here for short report
3804 June 2008Carraroe913CUsual deep end dive.
3908 June 2008Aran Islands1012CDived on the west of Inismore and then north Inismaan
4011 June 2008Carraroe1712CDeep End.
4115 June 2008Kilkee1412CDive Middle Rk and Biraghty Mor.
4218 June 2008Carraroe1613CWreck dive at Bothair Bui
4319 June 2008Annaghvaan512CDive between grey rk and gurraig sd.
4420 June 2008Annaghvaan414CInistreabhair
4522 June 2008Aran Islands1414CNear Dun Aengus an Glassaun Rk.
4625 June 2008Carraroe1115CUsual Carraroe dive.
4728 June 2008Annaghvaan415CSat. afternoon dive.
4829 June 2008Annaghvaan1115Ctwo dives at Inistreabhair
4902 July 2008Carraroe1514CDived at high water.
5003 July 2008Annaghvaan515CDived in the Hole.
5106 July 2008Aran Islands1214CDive Inismore and Inismaan
5209 July 2008Carraroe1315CWed. evening dive
5312 July 2008Laurentic and Aran Islands213COne group went to Aran, the othe to Malin Head (Laurentic)
5413 July 2008Malin Hd and Aran Islands213Csee above
5514 July 2008St John's Pt213COn the way home from Malin.
5616 July 2008Carraroe1612CUsual Carraroe dive.
5718 July 2008Inisboffin1312CGSAC + Grainne Uaile SAC combind weekend on 'Boffin.
5823 July 2008Carraroe1412CDived the wreck at Bothair Bui.
5926 July 2008Aran Islands2016CThis was Galway Race Week. Dived various sites around Aran all Week.
6003 August 2008Fanore1615C2 dives, a bit choppy, good viz, lots of fish.
6106 August 2008Carraroe1414CUsual wed enening dive at Bothair Bui.
6210 August 2008Annaghvaan1215C2 dives, grey rock and gurraig sound.
6313 August 2008Carraroe815CVery wet evening. Dived deep end.
6417 August 2008Annaghvaan915CDived in the hole, just one dive.
6520 August 2008An Bothar Bui1015CClose to high water, nice dive, lots of life
6624 August 2008Annaghvaan815CTwo dives, Grey rk and the Sound. Dark @ 20M, plenty of life.
6727 August 2008Lough Corrib216CS&R for sunken cruiser see photos
6827 August 2008Carraroe1015CWreck dive at Bothair Bui
6931 August 2008Annaghvaan1115CGrey Rock and Gurraig Sound
7003 September 2008Carraroe1214CDived deep end, nice evening
7107 September 2008Annaghvaan1414CTwo dives, the sound and the hole
7210 September 2008Carraroe1014CGood viz, lots of life.
7314 September 2008Annaghvaan1214COne dive in the hole, dark at depth
7417 September 2008An Bothar Bui914CDrift dive, dark towards the end
7521 September 2008Aran Islands1114CTwo excellent dives on the south of Inishmore
7624 September 2008Carraroe914CNight dive, tons of fish life, esp. lobster
7727 September 2008Aran Islands714CGreat dive at Glassaun Rk.
7828 September 2008Aran Islands914C2 dives, the fingers and the north lights.
7901 October 2008Carraroe214CJust 2, Eoghan and Joe, night dive, rain and wind!
8005 October 2008Annaghvaan / Carraroe1113CNice sunny day, great dive at Grey Rk, Connaught beat Leinster!
8111 October 2008St John's Pt513CDived Black Rks and Skuddagh Rk. Good Viz Plenty of fish.
8212 October 2008Annaghvaan/St John's Pt213CMain group dived at Inistreabhair, other at Skuddagh Rk.
8319 October 2008Carraroe213CTerrible weather, only Michel and Paul turned up.
8426 October 2008Annaghvaan1112CDived from 6.3 at Inishtreabhair
8502 November 2008Carraroe812CLow tide at Deep End
8609 November 2008Annaghvaan1011CDived near Grey Rk. from Humber 6.3
8716 November 2008Carraroe1110CLow tide at An Doilin, flat sea, good viz, lots of life, see photo
8822 November 2008Annaghvaan1310CRescue diver course - 2  dives with lift at Inishtreabhair 
8923 November 2008Annaghvaan1210CLifts cancelled due to force 10 winds
9030 November 2008Carraroe410CLow tide, bright sunny day, great viz.
9114 December 2008Carraroe210CLow water, morning after xmas party
9221 December 2008Annaghvaan810CAfternoon dive at Grey Rk.
9325 December 2008Blackrock208CChristmas Day Swim Click for photos
9428 December 2008Carraroe410CLow tide nice dive.