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Dive Log - 2004

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
101 January 2004Carraroe37CCold NW wind, nice dive, lots of fish, viz ~8M
204 January 2004Annaghvaan77CAnother cold day, used RIB to dive near Grey Rock.
311 January 2004Carraroe57CSW gales, viz about 1/2M
418 January 2004Inistreabhair106CCold SW wind, dived the the Black Hole. Viz about 8M.
525 January 2004Carraroe147CLow springs, did shore dive.
601 February 2004Gurraig Sound106CJust got a window between SW gales. Very nice dive.
708 February 2004Annaghvaan167CClear, cold day, flat sea. Quite dark from 10M down.
813 February 2004Ballyrian39CNice sunny day, u/w swell reduced viz to almost zero!
915 February 2004Inistreabhair137CSunny day, great viz, fish plentiful (inc. crayfish)
1020 February 2004Ballyrian59CA bit lumpy, viz ~2/3M, plenty of fish.
1122 February 2004Camus127CDived at Grey Rock
1229 February 2004Annaghvaan107CGood day, viz > 10M
1307 March 2004Annaghvaan96CNice clear day, dived at Grey Rock.
1414 March 2004Annaghvaan106CWindy day, dived in the sound, viz ~8M
1521 March 2004Carraroe47CAbandoned Annaghvaan for Carraroe. Viz < 1M. 
1628 March 2004Inishtreabhair178CDived in the Sound and Grey Rock.
1731 March 2004Carraroe268C16 divers + 8 snorkellers.
1804 April 2004Annaghvaan258CChoppy sea, nice underneath, just 1 boat.
1907 April 2004An Bothair Bui239CUsual Carraroe stuff, just after hi water.
2009 April 2004Ceibh An Doilín49CFriday afternoon, rising tide.
2111 April 2004Inishtreabhair149CDived at Oilean Domhan and in the Sound. 2 dives.
2212 April 2004Fanore109CNice sunny day, 2 dives, viz 10M+
2314 April 2004Carraroe189CUsual Carraroe diving.
2416 April 2004New Quay169CSmall tidal range, very little current.
2518 April 2004Annaghvaan189CTwo dives near Grey Rock
2621 April 2004Ceibh An Doilín229CUsual Bothair Buí dive.
2724 April 2004Corrib River239CAnnual Charity Fin Swim, report to follow.
2825 April 2004Camus229CTwo dives in sound.
2927 April 2004Ceibh An Doilín49CNice dive, good viz, went to wreck.
3028 April 2004Ceibh An Doilín2410CWed evening, nice dive, lots to see.
3101 May 2004St. John's Point309CExcellent diving all weekend, click here for report .
3205 May 2004Carraroe129CThis dive was called off due to conditions, poor viz, strong current. 
3307 May 2004Carraroe59CFriday pm Dived on easy rising tide.
3409 May 2004Annaghvaan1710C2 dives from Annaghvaan harbour.
3512 May 2004Fanore2310CViz ~ 5M, lots to see. A lot of lobster.
3614 May 2004Fanore910CGood viz, loads of fish inc. angler fish.
3715 May 2004Cliffs of Moher511CDived near O'Briens Tower, 20M lots of life.
3816 May 2004Annaghvaan1712CCool NW breeze, did 2 dives near Grey Rk. BBQ on shore.
3919 May 2004Ceibh An Doilín1912C1 hour after high water,  strongish NS current, viz ~10M
4021 May 2004Fanore1610CFriday evening dive, good viz, plenty to see
4123 May 2004Annaghvaan2313CBBQ on shore, usual dives.
4224 May 2004Golam Hd210CLate evening dive, plankton bloom present.
4326 May 2004Fanore1810CVery good viz, lots of fish.
4430 May 2004Camus2214CGrey Rk and Gurraig Sd.
4502 June 2004Carraroe1815CFast drift on ebbing tide.
4604 June 2004Fanore1612CVery nice Friday evening dive. Lots of fish.
4705 June 2004Claddagh816CLaunched new Humber at Claddagh. No dive, just champagne.
4806 June 2004Annaghvaan1715CFirst dives from new boat. Grey Rk & Gurraig Sd.
4907 June 2004Doolin814CDived at Luogh Pt . and Doolin Hbr from Humber.
5009 June 2004Carraroe1714COvercast evening on rising neap tide. Very nice.
5111 June 2004Carraroe614CLoads of fish inc huge lobster on ebbing tide. Cold breeze.
5212 June 2004Kilcummin313CLeading Diver pre-reqs, Thomas & Oisin passed.
5313 June 2004Annaghvaan2514CNice day after misty start, dived Inistreabhair  from 2 boats.
5414 June 2004Menlo617/18CBoat dive at Menlo, on the Corrib river. (18M)
5516 June 2004Ceibh An Doilin2114CDrift dive on ebb tide. Lots of big pollack
5617 June 2004Inistreabhair514CBuildup dives for Laurentic, + Club diver test
5718 June 2004Ceibh an Dóilin513CDived at high tide, fri evening, great dive.
5820 June 2004Annaghvaan2315C2 dives, viz better on second dive, bbq etc.
5921 June 2004Annaghvaan315CDeep dive at Inistreabhair (practice for Laurentic)
6023 June 2004Carraroe1513CWed. evening at the Deep End.
6126 June 2004Laurentic913CGreat dive on 'The Laurentic'. Joint outing with UCG SAC
6230 June 2004Carraroe1214CNice evening dive at Carraroe
6308 July 2004Fanore815CUsual Fanore dive, good viz, lots of fish.
6409 July 2004Carraroe1015CFriday afternoon dive at Carraroe
6510 July 2004Annaghvaan414CDived near Oilean Donn.
6611 July 2004Annaghvaan1915C2 dives, 1st one in the hole, 2nd in the sound.
6714 July 2004Carraroe1714CWed. evening at the Deep End.
6824 July 2004Annaghvaan411CSaturday dive in the deep hole.
6928 July 2004Carraroe1715CUsual Carraroe Stuff
7001 August 2004Quilty1812CCamping weekend with Limerick SAC, Great diving.
7104 August 2004Fanore1414CWed evening dive at Fanore.
7211 August 2004Carraroe1817CWed evening at Carraroe
7313 August 2004Fanore914CGood diving at Fanore.
7415 August 2004Killary Hbr1214C2 dives at the north shore.
7517 August 2004Annaghvaan417CTuesday evening in the hole.
7618 August 2004Fanore1615CGood diving at Fanore
7721 August 2004Annaghvaan514C---
7822 August 2004Annaghvaan1615C---
7925 August 2004Carraroe1816CWed evening at Carraroe
8008 September 2004Fanore1215CGood diving at Fanore, greatr viz, loads of fish.
8112 September 2004Annaghvaan614CBad weather, strong winds and rain.
8215 September 2004Carraroe1414CUsual Carraroe stuff
8318 September 2004Duck Island214CS&R operation. on Duck Island.
8419 September 2004Camus/Carraroe1913CBoats went to Duck Is for S&R, dived afterwards in Camus/Carraroe
8522 September 2004Carraroe1214CNice drift dive. Getting dark towards end of dive.
8625 September 2004Achill Island1613CDived at Purteen on fri, Keem Bay on Sat. Sun cancelled due to weather.
8730 September 2004Carraroe1414CGood night dive at the deep end.
8803 October 2004Killary Hbr713CLaunched at Leenane, dived North shore.
8906 October 2004Carraroe1213CVery good night dive, good viz, lots of  fish.
9010 October 2004Annaghvaan912CUsed small rib to dive iat Gray Rk.
9121 November 2004Annaghvaan2----
9228 November 2004Bothar Bui99C---
9305 December 2004Camus27C---
9412 December 2004Camus Bay28C---
9519 December 2004Annaghvaan28C---
9622 December 2004Grey Rock28C---
9725 December 2004Blackrock12----
9826 December 2004Bothar Bui28C---
9927 December 2004Body Search3-Launched from Spiddal