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Dive Log - 2003

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
101 January 2003Carraroe49CCold blustry day, dived at high water on Alain Dominique
205 January 2003Fanore108CCold east wind, calm in the gully, viz 1M, plenty of life
312 January 2003Gurraig Sd144CWater very cold, viz better than 10M, first bbq of the year
419 January 2003Carraroe137CViz terrible after SW winds all week. 
526 January 2003Killary Hbr128CBlustry day, dark below 10M.
602 February 2003Carraroe126CSW wind blowing, viz ~2M, very cold day.
709 February 2003Annaghvaan156CSunny day, flat sea, very good viz (20M) . Great diving
816 February 2003Gurraig Sound126CDrift diving in the sound.
923 February 2003Carraroe86CCold east wind, viz fair.
1024 February 2003Eglington Canal46CS&R Body recovered in lower canal.
1101 March 2003Daingean66CS&R Checked out submerged car (no occupants)
1202 March 2003Annaghvaan167CClear day, cold northerly breeze .
1305 March 2003Mountbellew66CS&R Joint operation with L Ree SAC (body recovered)
1409 March 2003Killary Harbour147CNorth Shore.  Rain cleared just in time.
1516 March 2003Annaghvaan167CNice day,  went for walk on Instreabhair
1618 March 2003Corrib River67CS&R  Body search, recovered by Garda Divers
1723 March 2003Annaghvaan207CNice sunny day, flat sea, good viz.
1829 March 2003Carraroe48CGreat viz, loads of fish, top class dive.
1930 March 2003Carraroe179CViz 10M, Low tide at Deep End.
2002 April 2003Carraroe149CFirst wed dive, light fading on ebb tide, viz ~5M
2104 April 2003Carraroe119CFriday evening, last hour of rising tide, viz very good.
2205 April 2003Fanore310CLoads of fish, great viz, great dive.
2306 April 2003Fanore2010C2 dives, bbq,  warm sunny day.
2407 April 2003Annaghvaan39CSet a mooring and dived in the sound, lovely dive.
2509 April 2003Carraroe2310CFlat calm sea, small rising tide, viz good.
2611 April 2003Annaghvaan510CGrey Rock and Gurraig Sd, good viz , nice day
2713 April 2003Annaghvaan1410CDivers spread between Gurraig Sd and Grey Rock.Wet Day.
2816 April 2003Carraroe1410C1 hour after high tide, nice drift dive, viz ~3M.
2917 April 2003Inishtreabhair210CDived at high water in the sound.
3018 April 2003Kilkee79CDived at Middle Rk and Georges Hd, viz ~6M.
3120 April 2003Inishtreabhair1611C2 dives from the little island, cool NE breeze.
3221 April 2003Carraroe410CDived at low water (slack).
3323 April 2003Carraroe1510CVery good viz, slight current on small rising tide
3427 April 2003Inishtreabhair1511CDived Yellow Rk, Inishtreabhair and Gurraig Sd.
3530 April 2003Carraroe1411CDrift dive on ebbing tide. Good viz.
3601 May 2003St John's Pt.259CMay Bank Holiday     Click Here for Report 
3707 May 2003Carraroe1211CSW Gale, viz 1.5M, a bit sloppy on the surface.
3811 May 2003Killary Hbr810C2 dives, north shore and Inishbearna, viz very poor at Inishbearna.
3914 May 2003Carraroe2110CStrong ebbing tide, viz ~2M. 
4018 May 2003Carraroe1011CRainy, windy day, low tide.
4121 May 2003Carraroe1510CUsual Carraroe dive.
4223 May 2003Carraroe1211CNice Friday afternoon dive.
4325 May 2003Annaghvaan1611CNice sunny day, dived in the 'Black Hole'.
4428 May 2003Carraroe1812CWed evening dive.
4530 May 2003Fanore1211CLovely diving at Ballyrian, good viz, lots of fish.
4601 June 2003Camus713CNice sunny day, small group, bbq on island.
4702 June 2003Camus1014CDive at Grey Rock, Gurraig Sound.
4804 June 2003Carraroe2112Cgood viz, lots of fish!
4906 June 2003Carraroe1212CFriday afternoon dive at 'An Doilin'
5007 June 2003Killary Hbr911CPractised lifts for rescue diver
5108 June 2003Camus1214CBuildup dives and practising lifts.
5211 June 2003Carraroe1713CUsual Carraroe stuff
5313 June 2003New Quay1214CLoads of lobster, mussels and more..
5414 June 2003New Quay815CFanore was blown out, reverted to New Quay.
5515 June 2003Camus1415CDiving in the sound and yellow rock.
5618 June 2003Carraroe1913CGood viz, lots to see!
5720 June 2003Camus815CBuildup dives for U260
5821 June 2003Camus815CPracticed lifts for rescue diver
5922 June 2003Camus1215CPracticed lifts for rescue diver
6024 June 2003Doolin213CDived the caves, starting with 'Hell'.
6124 June 2003Menlo317CRiver dive on the Corrib, 18.4M
6225 June 2003Oileanmaan1915CFirst dive on Oileanmaan, second at Carraroe.
6326 June 2003Bunakill Hbr.415CConfusion about who was bringing boat, did shore dive.
6427 June 2003Grey Rock615CPracticing lifts for rescue diver exam.
6528 June 2003Inishtreabhair415CAnchored boat on the island, and did shore dive.
6629 June 2003Craith (Inishmore)1312CThis dive is at the Northern end of Inishmore
6729 June 2003Brannock Is.1314CDived in canyon between Brannock Is. and Lighthouse
6830 June 2003Renvyle414CUnsuccessful  search for sail  in harbour
6902 July 2003Carraroe1914CGreat dive at the 'Deep End'. Lots of fish, good viz.
7004 July 2003Fanore412CFriday evening dive A lobster under every rock! 
7105 July 2003Annaghvaan615CA little bit of bloom. 3 at Grey Rk, 3 at Picnic Is.
7206 July 2003Carraroe415CMartin Tyndall DOD, The club was doing cover for Salthill Air Show.
7307 July 2003Renvyle815CAnother unsuccessful search for the sail
7409 July 2003An Doilin1515CLow tide, lots of fish, viz ~10M
7511 July 2003Carraroe815CFri afternoon, just after high tide, nice drift.
7613 July 2003Annaghvaan1315CBBQ on the island, nice warm day, no wind.
7716 July 2003An Bothar Bui2015CDived at high, slack water. Wet evening.
7818 July 2003Annaghvaan615CRescue Diver practice
7919 July 2003Annaghvaan915CMainly practicing  rescue diver lifts
8020 July 2003Camus & Kilcummin2016CClub dive at Camus, Rescus test at Kilcummin.
8123 July 2003Carraroe1716CUsual Carraroe wreck dive, lots of fish.
8226 July 2003Baltimore1210/11CGreat weekend at Baltimore,   Click here for report 
8330 July 2003Carraroe1515CJust after high water, loads of fish. Good viz.
8403 August 2003Annaghvaan815CTwo dives on Inistreabhair
8506 August 2003Fanore1414CLoads of fish, good viz.
8608 August 2003Doolin514CDid the caves, starting in 'Hell'.
8709 August 2003Galway2518CStreets of Galway 8K (not a dive ) click here for report 
8810 August 2003Inishtreabhair917CWarm, sunny day, 2 dives, bbq on island.
8913 August 2003Carraroe1216CStrong current just after high water.
9014 August 2003Fanore215CClub diver practice, good conditions.
9117 August 2003Annaghvaan917CDived Grey Rk and Gurraig Sd. Eddie passed his club test at Kilcummin
9220 August 2003Carraroe1215CFlowing neap tide, good viz lots of fish.
9322 August 2003Carraroe315CEbbing neap, nice easy drift.
9423 August 2003Oileann Deabhainn316CGood weather, lovely diving.
9524 August 2003Annaghvaan1016CTwo dives, bbq.
9625 August 2003Menlo318C18M river dive, eels, bream and perch. 
9727 August 2003Carraroe1417CStrong ebbing current, nice drift, good viz,lots of fish.
9829 August 2003Carraroe316CFriday evening dive, just before high spring, loads of fish.
9930 August 2003Carraroe216CSat afternoon low spring tide. Viz down to 5M.
10031 August 2003Oileann Deabhainn1616C2 dives, bbq, strong currents all over.
10101 September 2003Carraroe215CClub diver practice. 
10203 September 2003Fanore1414CGreat dive, dozens of lobsters, also crayfish.
10305 September 2003Carraroe915CLast hour of ebbing tide, viz 10M, lots of fish.
10407 September 2003Annaghvaan1216CWeather improved after bad start, dived in sound, good viz.
10508 September 2003Carraroe515CStrong ebbing tide, nice drift.
10610 September 2003Carraroe1815CJust after high water, wet evening, getting dark near finish. 
10712 September 2003Carraroe615CFriday evening dive.
10814 September 2003Annaghvaan1416CGurraig Sd and Inistreabhair
10915 September 2003Carraroe215CThomas & Paul reported a very good dive.
11016 September 2003Carraroe216CNice dive, a lot of congers in the wreck.
11117 September 2003Carraroe1615CSlight current on flow tide. Good viz, lots of fish.
11220 September 2003Achill Island1815CGreat weekend in Achill click here for report
11324 September 2003Carraroe1715CNight dive, strong ebbing current, good viz.
11428 September 2003Annaghvaan1214CStrong Southerly wind.
11501 October 2003Carraroe1014CUsual wed evening dive, just before high tide.
11603 October 2003Carraroe814CFriday PM, nice afternoon, again, just before high tide.
11705 October 2003Annaghvaan1213CWet day at Annaghvaan.
11808 October 2003Carraroe1213CNight dive on Alain Dominique.
11910 October 2003Carraroe513CStepped off pier at high tide, lovely dive. Lots of fish.
12012 October 2003Fanore1114CHad Dusty the dolphin along for the dive, viz about 5M. Lots of fish.
12113 October 2003Fanore414CDived again with Dusty, viz much improved.
12215 October 2003Carraroe1113CUsual Carraroe dive.
12317 October 2003Fanore1014CDived with Dusty the Dolphin.
12418 October 2003Fanore413CAnother dive with Dusty. Took some photos.
12519 October 2003Carraroe1212CSwitched from Camus due to trailer trouble, great viz, lots of fish.
12624 October 2003Carraroe512CFriday PM, Practice for club diver test 
12726 October 2003Annaghvaan1010CDived in Gurraig Sd. viz ~5M, strong, water felt cold.
12827 October 2003Fanore512CTop notch dive, viz 20M+, Dusty in attendance, loads of fish.
12931 October 2003Carraroe1210CWed night dive on Alain Dominique, trigger fish spotted.
13002 November 2003Inistrabhair109CDived in Gurraig Sd. Did 2 runs in rubber boat.
13107 November 2003Carraroe411CFriday PM. Viz about 3M after poor weather. Sunny, cold day.
13209 November 2003Inistreabhair1010CStiff SE wind, good viz, water getting cold. Rib back in action.
13314 November 2003Carraroe210CViz about 1.5M after 2 days stormy weather.
13416 November 2003Annaghvaan1210CDived in Gurraig Sd.
13523 November 2003Annaghvaan109CNice day, flat sea. Used Rib and Avon.
13630 November 2003Annaghvaan108CCold, very wet day, used rib to dive Gurraig Sd.
13706 December 2003Luogh Pt., Doolin510CWent in Avon, great dive, good viz, lots of fish. 
13807 December 2003Fanore610CClear, cold day, viz 10M, lots of fish.
13914 December 2003Carraroe1010CCold NW wind, vix 8M, fish a bit scarce.
14019 December 2003Carraroe29CFriday afternoon, mild, good viz, good dive.
14121 December 2003Annaghvaan97CCold NW wind, good viz, used Avon.
14225 December 2003Blackrock128CAnnual snorkel and swim session
14326 December 2003Carraroe59CNice dive, just after low water
14428 December 2003Killary Hbr49CDived North shore, lots of Dublin Bay Prawns and some ray.
14530 December 2003Inistreabhair37CDived in 'The Black Hole', Cold.
14631 December 2003Carraroe28CVery wet with southerly gales. Viz ~7M