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Dive Log - 2002

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
101 January 2002Carraroe37CNew Years Day on Alain Dominique
206 January 2002Carraroe107CDeep End. 
313 January 2002Killary128CTwo boats to Inisbearna. viz 10M. Good weather.
420 January 2002Carraroe117CViz bad after bad weather prev 2 days.
527 January 2002Annaghvaan127CTwo boats to Inistreabhair. Choppy.
603 February 2002Carraroe117CViz less tha 2M. 
710 February 2002Annaghvaan127CCold, messy day.
817 February 2002Carraroe168CNice Dive. Plenty of fish. Viz 5-7M
924 February 2002Annaghvaan177CTwo boats to Inistreabhair. Viz 5M
1003 March 2002Carraroe157CMichel Georges - DOD
1110 March 2002Annaghvaan117CRainy afternoon.
1218 March 2002Carraroe127CShore dive at 'An Doilin'
1324 March 2002Anna96ghvaan128CTwo boats, weather picking up.
1426 March 2002Corrib River69CBody search. 
1529 March 2002Fanore89CBallyrian too rough, so snorkelled with dolphin
1631 March 2002Carraroe109CEaster Sunday, Rising tide, strong SN current 
1701 April 2002Carraroe39CB-H Monday, Drift dive, from south to north.
1803 April 2002Carraroe109CFirst wednesday dive of the year.
1907 April 2002Inistreabhair159CFirst bbq of the year, two dives.
2009 April 2002Corrib River89CBody search. Recovered body of 31 year old man.
2110 April 2002Fanore149CFlat sea, good viz, loads of fish.
2214 April 2002Inistreabhair139CBeautiful day, two dives, bbq on island.
2317 April 2002Carraroe189CViz about 5M, plenty of fish.
2421 April 2002Inistreabhair1110CViz good, cuckoo wrasse in abundance. 2 dives, BBQ
2524 April 2002Carraroe1511CDoD Glen Everton (UCG), ripping NS current.
2627 April 2002Lough Doirindarach811CBody search, Recovered body of 29 year old woman.
2728 April 2002Inistreabhair1010CVery windy, 2M viz, should have watched rugby.
2801 May 2002Carraroe99CFlowing tide. Viz good.
2903 May 2002Skudagh Rk49CFri. evening at St. John's Pt. Viz ~10M
3004 May 2002St John's Pt89CHalf way between beach and point.  2 dives.
3105 May 2002Black Rks.89CVery good dive. Lots of fish. 2 dives
3206 May 2002Black Rks89CHalf the group missed the rocks completely!
3308 May 2002Fanore1611CStrong bloom, poor viz.
3412 May 2002Inistreabhair2212CA bit windy, good viz,
3515 May 2002An Bothair Bui1310CDived on the wreck 'Alain Dominique'
3619 May 2002Inishtreabhair1612CNice Day, good conditions.
3722 May 2002Carraroe1011CEvening dive, John Sheahan DOD.
3825 May 2002Gurraig Sound1212CPlenty of life.
3929 May 2002Carraroe1311CAnother dive on 'Alain Dominique'.
4001 June 2002Scarriff Is.1311C2 dives, 2nd was on Deenish Is. Great diving.
4102 June 2002Skellig Beag.1311C2 dives,  2nd was at Doulus Hd. Top class.
4203 June 2002Scarriff Is.1311CDived on the south side. Again, top class.
4305 June 2002Carraroe912CEvening dive at 'The Deep End'.
4407 June 2002Galway Bay312CPracticing deep snorkels for Leading Diver.
4509 June 2002Camus1212C2 dives, watched Ireland V Spain in between.
4612 June 2002Carraroe1212CVery good viz, lots of life.
4716 June 2002Annaghvaan1111CPracticed some rescue lifts.
4819 June 2002An Bothair Bui813CLovely evening, very good dive.
4923 June 2002Killary Hbr.1012CDived north shore, lots of Norway Lobster.
5026 June 2002New Quay1214CLots of lobster, crab, mussells etc. 
5130 June 2002Camus & Carr.1313CA bit rough, TM & TM went to Carraroe. 
5202 July 2002Eglington Canal216CRecovered handgun from canal for Gardai
5303 July 2002Carraroe1413CGood viz, lots to see.
5407 July 2002Gurraig Sd.1414C2 dives, rain held off just long enough.
5510 July 2002Carraroe1313CUsual deep end dive.
5612 July 2002Fanore313CGrat dive, crawling with lobsters, great viz.
5713 July 2002Kilkee612CMiddle Rk. & Diamond Rks. Great diving.
5814 July 2002Kilkee1412CMiddle Rk twice, due to swell.
5917 July 2002Fanore1312CVery calm sea, lots of fishes.
6021 July 2002Annaghvaan1515C2 dives, bbq, calm sea, calm cloudy conditions
6124 July 2002An Doilin1415CDamp evening, viz ~6M, strong current, lots of fish
6227 July 2002New Quay216CSatuurday afternoon drift after low water
6328 July 2002Annaghvaan1415CTwo dives, Gurraig Sd and Bird Rock
6431 July 2002Carraroe1313CGood viz, lots of fish
6502 August 2002Camus415CFriday evening dive in 'The Black Hole'
6603 August 2002Doolin-Fanore212CDive 1 in the 'caves'. Dive 2 Ballryan.
6704 August 2002Greatmans Bay1412CEnglish Rk. and Keeraun Pt.
6805 August 2002Doolin-Fanore612CGreat diving in the 'caves', 2nd dive at Fanore
6907 August 2002Carraroe1213CNice evening, lots of fish inc. rays
7011 August 2002Inistreabhair1215CCold , gloomy day. Dived the sound and Bird Rock
7114 August 2002Carraroe714CMiserable wet evening, dive was good though
7218 August 2002Kilkieran Pt1015CIst Dive Kilkieran Pt, 2nd Gurraig Sd. 
7319 August 2002Menlo417C18 metres in the hole at menlo
7421 August 2002Fanore1315CGreat dive, loads of fish, great viz.
7523 August 2002Camus816CDived in the Black Hole,.
7625 August 2002High Island1112C2 dives, west and south of island, great day.
7728 August 2002Carraroe1414CDamp evening, cleared up later.
7830 September 2002Corrib River217CPractice for cox'n test.
7901 September 2002Killary Harbour1614CBoat troubles, diving restricted to Rossroe.
8003 September 2002Cashla Bay515CDived at Cloghmore Pt. 
8104 September 2002Carraroe1115CUsual Carraroe stuff.
8208 September 2002Camus1314CUsed 2 inflatables
8311 September 2002Carraroe1515CUsual Deep End dive
8414 September 2002Fanore214CGreat viz, loads of fish.
8515 September 2002Gurraig Sound1715CCamped on island for 2 nights, great weather
8618 September 2002Fanore1714CEnded dive in the dark.
8721 September 2002Carraroe415CSaturday diving with ALSAC and DCUSAC
8822 September 2002Skerd Rocks1313CA great day out on the Hooker, Famaire.
8925 September 2002Carraroe1714CNight dive at the deep end.
9029 September 2002Camus-Kilcummin1813C6 were involved in tests at Kilcummin Hd.
9102 October 2002Coral Beach1214CNight dive.
9206 October 2002Inishtreabhair1715CSunny day, perfect conditions, very high tide.
9307 October 2002Inishtreabhair515CVery big tides, went deep in the black hole.
9409 October 2002New Quay1215CGreat night dive, crabs, lobsters and congers in abundance.
9513 October 2002An Bothar Bui1415CGreat viz, lots of life. 2 metre long fish sighted, possibbly big monkfish
9616 October 2002Carraroe1212CWednesday evening, usual deep end dive
9718 October 2002Carraroe1512CFriday evening, practising club diver stuff.
9820 October 2002An Bothar Bui1411CPlenty to see around Alain Dominique.
9923 October 2002New Quay1210CLast 'official' midweek dive.
10026 October 2002An Bothar Bui1010CSaturday afternoon, usual deep end stuff.
10127 October 2002Carraroe1010CSee above
10228 October 2002Carraroe1210CBank holiday monday, 3rd day on the trot at Carraroe.
10303 November 2002New Quay911CGood viz, plenty of life.
10407 November 2002An Bothar Bui811CThursday evening. A bit windy, viz poor.
10508 November 2002An Bothar Bui911CWeather calmed down, amazing improvement in viz in 1 day!
10610 November 2002Carraroe710CA bit choppy, not a lot to see.
10717 November 2002Carraroe119CUsual Deep End stuff.
10824 November 2002An Bothar Bui129CThere are now 4 congers resident on Alain Dominique
10901 December 2002New Quay89CLots of life, inc. conger, lobster.
11008 December 2002Carraroe87CUsual Deep End stuff.
11115 December 2002New Quay98CStormy weather, viz almost nil.
11222 December 2002Carraroe117CUsual Deep End stuff.
11325 December 2002Blackrock1210CChristmas Day, some just went in for splash.
11426 December 2002An Bothar Bui38CSt Stephen's Day, good viz, plenty of life.
11527 December 2002An Bothar Bui78CPlenty to see including lumpsucker.
11629 December 2002Killary Harbour78CShore dive at Rossroe, Good viz.