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Dive Log - 2001

Day NumberDateLocationDiversTempComments
107 January 2001Annaghvaan45CUsed 2 inflatables at Grey Rk Very cold NW wind
214 January 2001Carraroe95CWreck dive on rising tide.
321 January 2001Inistreabhair104CDived W of Grey Rk. GMcC had reg freeflow
428 January 2001Carraroe115CReef dive just after low water
504 February 2001Gurraig Sd165CSun afternoon dive, 1 club diver test.
611 February 2001Carraroe86CLow water, surface rough, viz<2M
718 February 2001Annaghvaan106CDived gurraig Sd, viz good, few fish.
825 February 2001Carraroe76Cusual Carraroe dive.
904 March 2001Carraroe95Cditto
1011 March 2001Carraroe67CShore dive at deep end.
1118 March 2001Inistreabhair86CDived in 'the hole', very cold
1219 March 2001Carraroe86CMartina's first dive. Wnt to wreck.
1324 March 2001Carraroe166C2 dives with ALSAC. Joined by pod of dolphins
1425 March 2001Killary Hbr66CWent to North Shore in Avon
1526 March 2001Killary37CBlizzard conditions, recovered trailer from prev day (bearings)
1608 April 2001Camus78CTied up and dived at Grey Rk.
1711 April 2001Carraroe128CFirst wed dive of the year. Strong flow.
1815 April 2001Carraroe118CEaster Sun dive, lumpsucker spotted on reef.
1916 April 2001Carraroe49CBank Hol dive, good viz
2018 April 2001Carraroe108CGood viz, plenty of fish
2122 April 2001Camus99CDived Gurraig Sd, viz 10M
2225 April 2001Camus69CDived at Grey Rk.
2329 April 2001Carraroe79CMissed wreck, not far enough west.
2402 May 2001Carraroe89CWreck dive, plenty of fish.
2505 May 2001Smerwick Hbr189C2 dives on 3 sisters after rib swamped. 
2606 May 2001Brandon Creek169CUsed avon to drop divers at mouth of creek. 2 dives
2707 May 2001Brandon Creek89C40M outside mouth of creek
2809 May 2001Carraroe1010CWreck dive, strong current
2913 May 2001Carraroe812CPlenty of fish inc. lobster
3014 May 2001Carraroe211CMon evening dive
3116 May 2001Carraroe99CNormal wed dive
3220 May 2001Golam Hd108CRib wouldn't start at camus so went to Golam.
3323 May 2001Fanore1210CLarge tope near arch.
3427 May 2001Fanore1010CStarted and finished at gulley.
3530 May 2001Carraroe812CClub diver practice.
3603 June 2001Annaghvaan1213C2 dives, BBQ on inisdonn
3704 June 2001Fanore410CWhit mon. Great dive, lots of fish. 2nd dive newquay.
3806 June 2001Carraroe1211CDrift dive after high water
3909 June 2001Corrib River614CS&R for missing man at Daingean. 2 dives Nothing found.
4013 June 2001Fanore1210CUsual fanore dive from gulley.
4117 June 2001Inistreabhair2014C2 dives with BBQ
4220 June 2001Coral Beach612C3 sites, Camus, Deep End an Coral Beach.
4322 June 2001Carraroe1013CWed evening dive.
4424 June 2001Fanore1413CLovely diving and BBQ after.
4527 June 2001Carraroe1214CWreck dive from ceibh an doilin
4604 July 2001Carraroe1015CDry run for club diver tests, strongebbing current.
4707 July 2001Lackan Hd, Mayo1413CThos Moore  did club diver test
4808 July 2001Annaghvaan1216CTwo dives + BBQ
4911 July 2001Carraroe1012CFlowing tide, poor viz.
5025 July 2001Fanore1213CSea a bit rough, lots of lobster
5101 August 2001Carraroe1013CNormal wed evening dive.
5206 August 2001Carraroe414CAugust B/H monday.
5308 August 2001Carraroe1014CDeep end, high water.
5412 August 2001Carraroe614CTerrible weather, great dive.
5515 August 2001Carraroe816CWreck dive just before low water. Good viz.
5619 August 2001Annaghvaan1316CZodiac got holed, had to bail on the way back
5722 August 2001Carraroe915CWreck dive on flowing tide
5826 August 2001Camus1116C2 dives + BBQ on island
5929 August 2001Yellow Rk616CDropped in at Rk, dived back to harbour.
6002 September 2001Inistreabhair1216C2 dives + BBQ on Inisdonn
6105 September 2001Carraroe815CDry run for Martina Kelly club diver
6209 September 2001Annaghvaan1115C2 dives, Inishtreabhair and yellow rk.
6312 September 2001Carraroe715CWed evening wreck dive.
6417 September 2001Fanore214Cmonday afternoon dive, loads of fish
6518 September 2001Ross, Kilkee212CShore dive, a bit of a swell
6619 September 2001Carraroe1214Cwreck dive from an doilin
6723 September 2001Fanore1413CStarted and finished at the gulley
6826 September 2001Spiddal614C Night dive from the pier.
6930 September 2001Yellow Rk, Annaghvaan814CWent in zodiac, dived around rk.
7003 October 2001Carraroe814CHigh water wreck dive.
7107 October 2001Carraroe1013CSunday dive at deep end
7210 October 2001Carraroe513CWreck dive on ebbing tide
7314 October 2001Annaghvaan913C2 dives grey rk and gurraig sd
7418 October 2001Carraroe1013Cthur dive on wreck at high water
7521 October 2001Carraroe712CNice dive on ebb, lots of life
7625 October 2001Carraroe612CNight dive on wreck.
7728 October 2001Killary Hbr913CDived inisbearna, zodiac holed, also carb problem.
7829 October 2001Salt Lake, Clifden412CB/H monday, big lobsters
7904 November 2001Carraroe812CWreck dive on rising tide, big congers.
8011 November 2001Annaghvaan1210CAvon to inistreabhair, zodiac to yellow rk
8118 November 2001Carraroe610Clow tide at an doilin
8224 November 2001Spiddal411CTraining dive from the pier.
8325 November 2001Annaghvaan1010CDived grey rk.
8402 December 2001Carraroe810CWreck dive from ceibh an doilin
8509 December 2001Inistreabhair109CStarted west end of gurraig sd.
8616 December 2001Fanore89CGreat viz, lots of fish
8723 December 2001Carraroe68CPlenty of life, very good viz.
8826 December 2001Carraroe48Cgreat dive on wreck
8928 December 2001Carraroe39CWreck dive just after hi water
9030 December 2001Annaghvaan76CDived in hole, very cold, one diver freeflowed